4th annual girls giving

Girls Giving 2022

This is our 4th Annual Girls Giving, and I swear it gets better each year! The purpose of Girls Giving is to connect with each other, celebrate our lives, and give back! Each year we pick a local organization to contribute to (with both finances and tangible goods), and 2022 is going to be our best one yet!


Girls Giving is potluck-style, open-house-style, show-up-as-you-are-style.


>>> if you CAN, bring some tangible items to donate. There are a few specific things we need to be aware of that are unique to GenerateHope for traditional in-kind donations.


>>> If you WANT, bring food and/or drinks to share. But for sure, without fail, bring YOU!


GenerateHope provides long-term, comprehensive housing, recovery & transition programs to women ages 18 and above who have survived the complex traumas of sex trafficking, so that they can engage society as healthy, inspiring members of the community.


GenerateHope is a registered 501(c)(3) in California

here are the details

are you a girl who wants to join?

Fantastic! It's happening the evening of Friday, November 25th, and we'd love to have you. Please email me (and include how you heard about Girls Giving) to request the details!

Are you wanting to know what kinds of physical goods you can donate to generatehope?

Fabulous! There are so many ways you can contribute to GenerateHope, and they are all below! Have FUN with it!

Are you wanting to donate financially and have your donation matched, dollar-for-dollar?

Wonderful! We have an anonymous donor who is matching dollar-for-dollar, up to $1,000!!! So, be as generous as you dare and know that it'll be doubled!

Worth noting, GenerateHope's favorite way to receive payment is by check, so they do not incur any fees for processing payments. AND, since we're tracking everything coming in through Girls Giving for our anonymous matching donors, our best case scenario is to have your donation go through me! This makes it easy to track for our matching donor, and it removes any processing fees from GenerateHope's side.

You can make the check out to "GenerateHope" (all one word) and send it to me, so I can track it in the total to be matched by our donor!

Please notate in your donation that it's for GenerateHope / Girls Giving 2022

Susan's Venmo

If you would like to donate directly to GenerateHope, that is absolutely an option, and my request would be that you please let me know how much you donated so we can get it matched, dollar-for-dollar! Bonus points for adding the cost of processing into your online donation so that doesn't fall on GenerateHope.

Check out recap posts from previous years for inspiration!

REMINDER NOTE - if you donated directly to GenerateHope, please let me know what / how much so we can track towards our goal and let our matching donor know how much to match! HUGE THANK YOU!!!

Cheers to the best Girls Giving yet!