WELCOME! Here’s a quick intro about our group and details on how to join:

Questions? Email us at pfwomenconnect@gmail.com

Keynote Connect Nights Schedule for 2019

October 7
December 2

Women Entrepreneur’s Connect Group Schedule for 2019

1st and 3rd Wednesdays of each month, beginning on August 21st for this new semester, from 6:30-8:30pm in Pacific Beach. Once we meet in person, and determine if this group is a great fit for you, I’ll get you the specific details for these meetings!

About Your Connect Group Leader, Susan

Hey! Susan here 🙂 Success and Accountability coach for 6- and 7-figure entrepreneurs who are sick of being plateaued and want to create radical forward movement in their companies. I help my clients get clear on what they want, create the action steps it’s going to take to get them there, and hold them accountable until they’ve reached their goals! I’ve had my company for 7 years, and moved it down with me to CA (from WA state) 2 years ago. Since moving to San Diego in 2017, I’ve been actively involved at C3, where I volunteer in our cafe, lead husbands prayer (for ladies who are believing for husbands), and lead our Pathfinders Women Entrepreneurs Connect group. On a personal note, you can most often find me strolling the bay, coffee in hand, petting all the dogs I can find! Connect with me on social @growthandgracelife

Frequently Asked Questions…

What is your connect group like?
As we come together to further our influence in the path God’s assigned us, we will be actively helping one another build God’s Kingdom through our businesses – that will look like a variety of things (i.e. supporting with strategy ideas, helping overcome obstacles, praying with each other, etc.). The goal of this group is to grow in our relationship with each other, cheer one another on throughout all aspects of life, and see our collective businesses thrive!

What is a Connect Group?
We believe  everyone should feel welcomed and have the opportunity to build healthy relationships that will cause each of our lives to flourish! Connect Groups are the heartbeat of our church, connecting you to God and to each other where you will grow and flourish. They are intentionally segmented by demographics and interests to connect like-minded people to do life together. Every Connect Group is led by volunteers who believe in the mission and want to get to know new like-minded people. 

What days of the week do you meet? We meet one Monday evening each month for our Keynote Connect Nights at church and on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday evening for our women entrepreneurs meetings in Pacific Beach.  We email our members each month with any changes and updates so we’re all on the same page.

Is Connect Group like a networking event or more like a mastermind? Our Connect Group attracts like-minded women so we can actually do life together! We build deep, vulnerable, lasting friendships while helping each other through all the ups and downs of being an entrepreneur. We seek to share resources, contacts, support, and encouragement in business and in life.   

What church is this associated with? Our “Connect Group” is associated with C3 Church of San Diego, specifically within the Pathfinders Ministry.

What is “Pathfinders”? Pathfinders is the marketplace expression of C3 Church. Pathfinders is a ministry that reaches people in the marketplace (career, business, entrepreneurs) and helps them achieve their assignment in all areas of industry including: Business, Finance, Education, Healthcare, Media, Entertainment, Law, Sports, and more! Pathfinders hosts Quarterly Breakfasts with amazing keynote speakers, Monthly Collective Connect Nights with epic speakers, and Weekly Marketplace Minute Videos with quick bites of inspiration. C3Pathfinders.com

Do I have to attend the church to participate in Connect Group? You don’t have to attend church to participate in our Connect Group. But, it’s likely you’ll want to because our church is awesome! #humblebrag 😉  

If this group isn’t a fit for me, are there other Connect Groups I could try out?
YES! There are Connect Groups for all seasons of life, and in every Connect Group you can expect to find community, faith development, and prayer. No one is meant to do life alone, so we encourage you to find the Connect Group that’s right for you. C3 Church has dozens of connect groups that meet throughout San Diego at different days, times and locations.  Use this link to search other groups you may be interested in joining: https://c3sandiego.com/connect/ 

Where can I email you? You can email us to introduce yourself or ask more questions at PFWomenConnect@gmail.com. 

What should I do next? Your first step is to attend a Pathfinders Keynote Connect Night and introduce yourself to me! Once we get to know each other, we’ll invite you to join our group and give you the details on the exact days, times, and address for our Women’s Entrepreneur Connect Group. You’ll get to meet the other women either at the Keynote Connect Night or at our Pacific Beach meeting.

Can’t wait to meet you!! XO Susan

Pathfinders Exists To…

  • Awaken men and women to the high calling of influencing every pillar of culture in San Diego.
  • Activate and accelerate marketplace leaders in their specific marketplace assignments.
  • Encourage, challenge, coach, build and train marketplace leaders.
  • Expose current leaders to world class influencers.
  • Raise up young professionals to take their place in society and shift culture.
  • Cultivate an atmosphere of courage, wisdom and innovation that is unparalleled in San Diego.
  • Create healthy marketplace networking events where dynamic relational synergy is a standard.
  • Impact the city of San Diego for generations to come.

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This website was built by Susan to facilitate communication and understanding of our group’s vision and mission. For more questions or information, please contact: PFWomenConnect@gmail.com