Hey there!!! I’m Susan 🙂 Aside from knowing that Jesus and puppies make everything better, I’m a firm believer in growth AND grace. I believe that they fuel (and depend on) each other. I believe that we can give grace to others and ourselves, and that there are constantly opportunities to grow. I believe growth and grace are possible for everyone, and that we all experience life in a different way. What works for me may not work for you, though I hope you find strength and inspiration during your visit here! XO

Let’s Collaborate

Hi there!! I’m so excited to connect with you about collaborating.

Transparently, the most common reasons people reach out to me is typically one of the following:

Perhaps you’re not looking to work together, so much as you enjoy being inspired and you love freebies (not to mention you really want to see a lot of cute puppy dogs)! I’ve got you covered! Follow my Instagram for inspiring (and adorable) content that will make your heart sing!

AND, if you want to have a consistent reminder of how beautiful life is, I recommend staying in GRATITUDE and downloading these completely free “I Am Grateful” templates for your phone and desktop backgrounds!

Not sure how you want to collab? Fret not! You can head on over to my personal Facebook page and watch videos to your heart’s content! Plenty of lessons and insights to learn from, and lots of inspiration and questions to ponder on there, too!!

Get to know me

Hey there! I’m Susan + great to meet you! Here’s a quick bit about me, so you know whose website you’re on  😉  I love God. I love encouraging people. I love animals.

Some random facts about me: I used to play the trumpet. I’ve worked at a funeral home. I tend to forget about people (for a moment) when there are animals around. I used to go to the dentist on my birthday because I enjoy it so much! I enjoy singing and find myself regularly switching between melody and harmony…depends on which one I find first! Pet peeves = wet hand towels and walking behind people who are walking slowly/unaware that there’s someone behind them.

My favorite kind of day? One spent with my favorite people, enjoying a walk (with coffee in hand), thought-provoking conversation, petting dogs, relaxing by the beach, learning something new, and snuggled up under the stars as I drift into dreamland. That’s a snippet, but you get the idea! Excited to have you here! XO

P.S. If you landed on my site and are curious about my journey with depression, you can read more about it in this vulnerable Facebook post. You can also see my stance on depression meds in this post. And you can learn about how gratitude saved me when you snag my free “I Am Grateful” phone and desktop background downloads (the story will arrive with the downloads via email).

Grab Something to Go

“I am grateful” are the words that brought me back to life. They are words I choose to live by, and I know sometimes we need a reminder! So, I created phone and desktop backgrounds which say exactly that, and they’re yours (for free!!) HERE. You’ll just tell me which email address to send them to! While pink is MY favorite color, I know it may not be yours, so there’s a variety of colors for you to choose from. A couple of examples below. Enjoy!