Whether you’re single, in an awesome marriage, or feeling completely hopeless in your marriage, there is wisdom and encouragement for you in Abundant Wife. I’m believing you will be mightily blessed, and am praying for your marriage to experience a refreshing and new joy! XO

wisdom for current and future wives

You're desiring the honeymoon phase (for life), but you've got some fear creeping up - not sure how it could work, if you've got what it takes, or if it's even possible.

It is.

Abundant Wife will show you how. This epic series includes interviews with nearly 60 women, where we get into ALL the nitty gritty details of marriage (what works, and what doesn't), and share with you wisdom from 1,000 years of marriage.

Susan Brennan

i'm your go-to trusted confidante.

Whatever you’re walking through, be it personal or business, I’m here as your cheerleader and a source of wisdom for when you just aren’t sure what to do or who you can turn to.


Well, I’m a firm believer that it doesn’t have to be. And actually, that it shouldn’t be.

Does the following sound like you? You’re genuinely thrilled that you get to influence as many people as you do, but you’ve seemingly grown out of your known friendships, and peers with your same integrity and moral compass are few and far between.

You have lots of people (strangers and friends alike) who look to you for advice, inspiration, and wisdom – but who do you go to when you need those things?

You want someone who can play at your level, inspire you to keep dreaming bigger, and who can keep you grounded as your influence continues to grow.

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i'm susan, trusted confidante and lifestyle coach to high-profile women.

When you work with me, you’ll find that there’s no dream too big. No influence too large to handle with grace. And no need to “play a role” when you’re on camera that’s different from who you are off camera.

Integrity, encouragement, growth, and grace are cornerstones in how I work with my beloved clients. I’ve experienced first hand the exhaustion of trying to be a different person to different people, depending on what I thought they wanted from me in that moment, and am so grateful to now be living fully authentically, across the board.

Who I am here is who I am there, although I still take great care with who gets to be in my inner circle of confidantes. It was a process for sure, and one I’ll happily walk you through, should you want to dive in further…


Thank you for all your support and love. I appreciate every conversation we had where you helped me get out of my own way and see the possibilities in moments I wanted to give up. I’ll never forget how you would always respond and reach out holding me accountable for my declarations and making sure that the vision was always greater than the fear. More importantly not allowing the results to keep me from continuing to show up.

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communication spritzer

You have some conversations that need to happen, but you’re not sure how to approach them or how to say what you really want to say.

That’s precisely what this experience is designed for! We’ll explore together what needs to be communicated, and how you can deliver that message as effectively and authentically as possible.

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lifestyle coaching

Whether you're looking for a trusted confidante to be able to share whatever you want with, or you're wanting someone who will challenge you to greater heights (and also encourage you to actually celebrate your wins), I'm your girl.

There's literally no area off limits, and you can rest assured, knowing that you're not paying me to be a friend - you're paying me to be honest and real with you, and to help you move through the blocks you're experiencing.

I ask you questions and reflect insights to you so we can unlock solutions.

Whether you want to deepen your relationships, uplevel your business, recognize blind spots that are holding you back, or take your self worth to a whole new level, we can get into all of that.

I'll bring my background in ministry to the table and we will get to the root of things, addressing what's really going on, so you can fully release anything that's not meant for your next level!

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The art of saying "no!" graciously and confidently

This guide is designed to equip you to say "NO!" graciously and confidently (in any situation). It will give you real life examples you can use to say "NO!" with grace and confidence! I'll walk you through different scenarios, and give you specific examples of times I've said "No!" so you can see how it works!


I'm confident that you'll find this information wildly helpful, and that you'll grow in confidence the more your practice. There are examples included for a variety of circumstances you may find yourself in, and you'll be able to translate them across a multitude of scenarios.


You've got this!

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