My Favorite Things List

Sometimes a girl’s got to treat herself, you know?! Take a peek at some of my favorite things below! One thing to know about me…I despise clutter!! I’m a firm believer that if it doesn’t (1) bring you joy, and/or (2) serve a function, it doesn’t get to be in your space. So know that each of these items is truly in my day to day, and I wouldn’t recommend if I didn’t fully believe in it!! Enjoy perusing!

In no particular order, here are some of my FAVORITE things…..

My new Bible! After getting my most recent one 17 years ago…it was time! I treated myself to this Life Application Study Bible (NIV) and it’s been SO incredible! It brought the Bible to new life for me and is helping me dive in deeper than I ever have before! I also treated myself to these gold Bible tabs to match the foiling on the pages!

This 5 Love Languages book is a game changer! If you are ever communicating with anyone (hello, life!) then this book can support you. I’ve used it with friends, family, at work, in my relationship, etc. It’s SO good!

5 Love Languages

Ooooh my goodness, your nostrils are in for a treat with this one! There are several scents from Voluspa that I adore, and this one is a more recent addition. It’s called Saijo Persimmon and it’s the perfect mix of citrus and heaven, and it lasts for so long!! If I had to add a second scent for you to try, it would be the Crisp Champagne, which is in a black jar.

This Where Will You Be 5 years from today? book helped me see things in a new light when I was in the thick of (although ignoring) my depression. It allowed me to get out of my current state and really see possibilities and hope for myself.

Where will you be...

This BeLissPRO Curling Wand is pure MAGIC! I swear. It totally looks like something that won’t work at all, and I was a complete doubter…until I tried it for myself. It’s incredible! And it totally works!! The trick is smaller portions of hair – especially when it’s long!

I’m tellin’ ya’…this chapstick is perfection. I’ve been using chapstick for as long as I can remember, and was stuck on vanilla lipsmackers for years. When I discovered Burt’s Bees Pink Grapefruit though, it was all over for Bonne Belle. Sorry, Bonne. This stuff smells incredible, glides on so smoothly, and lasts for a long time! I linked you to the 5 pack, because if you’re anything like me, you’re gonna want to keep chapstick everywhere (car, purse, bed stand, bathroom, desk, etc…) This stuff is ready to go whenever your lips are thirsty!

I have this crystal lamp in my office and it’s the most glamorous+functional piece in my home. It gives off great light and you can have it on at any one of 3 brightness levels. Recommended with simple, clear light bulbs for the best look!

Crystal Lamp

I use this Fill my Heart with Joy journal on the daily – for everything! It’s perfect for notes, inspirational thoughts, action items, and it’s totally travel-friendly with a hard-cover and it being purse-size (8.5″x6″)! I just bought another one with a new cover design (tons of options!) and can’t wait to dive into it and fill it with love!

Some people love wine (nope!). Some love coffee (guilty!). Some love sparkling water (ME, for sure!) La Croix brand sparkling water is my jam! They have some great flavors, and among my favorites are lime, grapefruit, and their cherry-lime option (the latter in a taller can). So crisp + refreshing!

I literally escape into a DREAM whenever I put this J.R. Watkins Lemon Cream lotion on. It activates all of my best memories and it glides on + absorbs perfectly! My skin is rejuvenated and my nose is in for a treat with every single pump!

This Lash Discovery mascara is amazing!! The bristles are perfect in length and sturdiness, allowing you to get right up to the base of your lashes for maximum emphasis. My trick is to use this first, and then while it’s still damp, I go over it with a volumizing mascara to give it max impact!!

Okay, I have to admit something. I originally brought these gorgeous gold-gilded mugs as a gift – and when I saw how beautiful they were in person….I KEPT 3 of the 4 for myself!!! LOL! I know. I know. BUT – the great news is that I can attest to their loveliness and recommend them to you! May I recommend buying the set and giving them to 3 of your friends as the adult version of “friendship bracelets”? Note: they are NOT dishwasher safe – the gold won’t last through the cycle  :/  This lesson was learned the hard way….

This wake-up lamp is AMAZING!! It literally imitates the sunrise, so your body can acclimate to being awake before the (very peaceful) alarm goes off and gently starts your day. It’s completely changed the way I step into my mornings, and I was honestly skeptical when I got it. It’s a game-changer! Especially if you’re not a morning person! And, to ease any concerns, you can set it for any time you want…you don’t actually have to wake up at the same time as the sun!!

Friction Defense. Oh my gosh – THIS STUFF IS AMAZING! It will prevent blisters, and goes on so easily. It works for dress shoes, running shoes, boots, and everything in between and has been a game changer when breaking in that new, cute pair of heels!! Plus, it lasts for forever (slight exaggeration – but basically true)!

FAVORITES that aren’t for sale

Vegetable: Broccoli

Color: Pink and Rose Gold

Flower: Peonies

Animal: LOL!! I definitely don’t have a favorite, but…..I love elephants and quokkas and pygmy marmosets …and many more! Here’s a whole page full of cuteness!!

Sigh. And these two (Jax, and his son, Brady)! BE STILL MY HEART! Looking at them just warms my heart!! SO IN LOVE!!! You can follow them on Instagram, too!

*Please note that if you purchase anything through the links provided above, I may receive a commission. My personal guarantee is that I will only ever recommend things I 100% stand behind and use regularly.