Abundant Wife Interview Information

So, you’ve been asked to be a featured Abundant Wife for this project — CONGRATS! That means I see you as a wise woman, who’s committed to creating and growing a healthy, thriving, fun marriage – one that’s centered on God, and where finances do not make the decisions for your family.

When I think of abundance, I think of giving and receiving generously, and I think of living in the full prosperity God wants to bless us with. When I think of an Abundant Wife, I think of a woman who recognizes her worth as a daughter of God, and contributes to a healthy, thriving, fun marriage with a man she honors and respects. I think of her as a woman who shares her life generously (be it wisdom, finances, time, etc.) and helps raise up other leaders! God gave me the term “Abundant Wife” in December, and has been dripping in details for this entire project along the way, so that’s why I’m going with that title for this  🙂

If you’re already IN and just want to schedule your interview, you can do that by emailing me at growthandgracelife@gmail.com and we’ll get a date + time locked in.

Here are a few pieces of info that may help you make your decision:

  • The purpose of the book is to show women what’s available, and what’s possible, when it comes to being an abundant wife. To show that it doesn’t have to be determined by society, or our upbringing, or previous experiences – but that we can create an abundant atmosphere with God at the center, while honoring our husband, and thoroughly living our life!
  • Average interview length = 30-45 minutes, and we can totally shorten that if time is the deciding factor.
  • The book release date is still to be determined
  • I will be using the audio recording as a podcast (which will be released publicly, only once it has your stamp of approval on it), as well as to help with content for the written book
  • You will have full approval rights over audio prior to them being released, so your interview won’t go out until it has your stamp of approval!
  • There will be women in all types of scenarios listening to these interviews/reading this book, and the 3 main categories are women who are (1) happily married and simply wanting to continue to uplevel their marriage, (2) unhappily married and want to breathe life back into their marriage, or (3) single, and wanting to glean wisdom before stepping into marriage.
  • Here are questions we may cover during the interview. It’s meant to be conversational, as opposed to a formal interview, so we may not touch on all of these, and there may be some others we dive into which aren’t listed here. If you’re passionate about a particular topic, or you’d prefer to stay away from any of these, simply let me know before we start your interview!

Abundant Wife Potential Interview Questions


If you’re ready to get this scheduled, you can do that by emailing me at growthandgracelife@gmail.com

If you have any questions, you can reach me any time at growthandgracelife@gmail.com