Get to know me

Hey there! I’m Susan + great to meet you! Here’s a quick bit about me, so you know whose website you’re on  😉  I love God. I love encouraging people. I love animals.

Some random facts about me: I used to play the trumpet. I’ve worked at a funeral home. I tend to forget about people (for a moment) when there are animals around. I used to go to the dentist on my birthday because I enjoy it so much! I enjoy singing and find myself regularly switching between melody and harmony…depends on which one I find first! Pet peeves = wet hand towels and walking behind people who are walking slowly/unaware that there’s someone behind them.

My favorite kind of day? One spent with my favorite people, enjoying a walk (with coffee in hand), thought-provoking conversation, petting dogs, relaxing by the beach, learning something new, and snuggled up under the stars as I drift into dreamland. That’s a snippet, but you get the idea! Excited to have you here! XO

P.S. If you landed on my site and are curious about my journey with depression, you can read more about it in this vulnerable Facebook post. You can also see my stance on depression meds in this post.