Workshop Details – Friendship

Below you will find all the details you’ll need for our time together.

There will be coffee and light bites provided, but plan to eat before and/or after if you want a full meal ? who knows, you may even meet a new girlfriend at the workshop to grab brunch with once the workshop wraps for the morning!

WHAT: an interactive workshop
You’ll walk away with clarity, and practical, applicable actions you can implement to live a life of friendship in any season! I recommend bringing a journal and a pen, so you can take notes and highlight the areas that really strike you!

WHEN: Saturday, July 30, 2022, from 9:00am-11:00am PT
We will get started shortly after 9:00am, to allow people time to find parking and get situated

WHERE: 1351 Reed Avenue, Apt 4, San Diego, CA 92109
This is the south side of Pacific Beach, near Crown Point. Please allow a few extra minutes in your travel time to find street parking.

Here are some images to help you find me, since the building and apartment numbers are not very obvious. You’ll see a bunch of flower pots hanging on the top right apartment that are sort of covering the very small “1351” address numbers.

When you get here, you’ll walk down the path (to the right of the building), and come to the back half of the building, where you’ll see my apartment tucked behind the second staircase (where the bikes are usually locked up against), with the “Hello” doormat.

You can just turn the handle and walk right on in the main door (not the screen slider – that will be locked).

Excited to see you, and to share this content with you!