Are you the one?

I’m ready for love – are you THE ONE?

Do you ever look at the amazing couples in your life and think “Man! I want that, too!”?

Do you find yourself thriving in life, excited about what you’re up to, but wishing you had someone to share it with?

You’re not alone. You have a unique opportunity here, to connect with me for a once in a lifetime opportunity! There is very literally only one spot available….could it be yours? Read on to find out!

If you’re interested in applying, you can do so here.


Hi there! Thanks for stopping by + I’m so glad you’re here! As you’re getting ready to dive in here, let’s start off with a very key item, so as to not waste anyone’s time. I have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and I am looking forward to spending my life with someone who also shares that foundation. If that’s not you, there’s absolutely no judgement, and I want to wish you the very best. It’s not going to work between us if we don’t share that, so no need to apply. If you’re reading this on behalf of someone else, cool….send the link to them so they can see for themselves and apply if they’re interested.


I am a joyful, feminine, witty Christian woman, who is ready to share life with a man who enjoys living it to the fullest! I love spending quiet moments together, hand-in-hand, walking through a quaint little town, as much as I enjoy exploring some new restaurant with a group of friends, or eagerly awaiting the curtain to open at a show! I feel comfortable whether I’m dressed to the nines, or killin’ it in my sweats…though you’ll typically find me at a happy, fashionable, mid-way point. I am looking forward to sharing life together, helping one another reach potential we’ve only yet dreamed about. I want someone who will support me into becoming my best self, as I encourage him into the best version of him he can be. We communicate openly, lovingly, and frequently. We crave time together, and enjoy incorporating our friends into our life, so as to continue building a community of support, fun, and love around us. We are both ready and desiring long-term commitment and a life full of memories together.

Interested? Great! Your next step is right here.


We’re madly in love. You’re pursuing me daily and I’m eagerly receiving and reciprocating a desire to be together. We’re continuing to build our lives together, intertwining our passions, with God at the center. We pray together daily and start our mornings by diving into God’s word, enjoying breakfast after a great workout! We’re comfortable being vulnerable with one another, knowing it’s safe. Because of our depth of knowing one another so intimately, we are able to help one grow and thrive to be our best selves. We cheer each other on and support one another. We’re both living in our strengths and lovingly complementing one another. We have so much fun together, love to make each other laugh, choose to find joy through all circumstances, and we both enjoy going on adventures together.


You have a strong foundation in Christ, and that relationship is personal and meaningful to you. You are thoughtful, compassionate, intelligent, and handy. You are passionate about what you spend your time on, and are looking forward to creating a life that we can spend together (i.e. willing to create and enjoy flexibility in our respective calendars). You care about your health (in regards to food and how you maintain your physical strength), and also know how to enjoy a pizza night and a relaxing day off.  Does that sound like you?


Susan is funny and genuinely one of the nicest people I know. She is loyal and cares deeply for her friends. She’s joyful and magnetic. She is a great conversationalist and can communicate at a level very few can. I feel safe opening up to her and sharing anything with her, knowing I won’t be judged. She’s intelligent and kind and radiant. She loves animals…like, a lot, and has a smile that lights up any room. She is strong and generous. Susan is inspiring, beautiful, and a total leader. Susan is truly the sweetest, most thoughtful person I know.

If you’re interested, let me get to know you by sharing some details about yourself HERE.