Miracle Thursdays

Runsheets can be found HERE

Songs can be found HERE

Welcome to Miracle Thursdays Women’s Prayer slide can be found HERE and below.

Here’s how we setup the YouTube music videos in ProPresenter

  1. Copy link for the song in YouTube
  2. Open up “Clipgrab” on the computer
  3. Paste the song URL in there
  4. Select “Original” for the format
  5. Select “1080” for the quality
  6. Select “Grab this clip!”
  7. Import that clip (from wherever you saved it) into the Miracle Tuesdays section in ProPresenter

Here’s how we setup the sound booth for Miracle Thursdays

  1. Select the “Kidz” button at the top right (white)

2. Keep clicking the “Next” button (green) until you see “Kids Base 1” on the sound board

Left 2 sliders scale volume for YouTube and ProPresenter

3rd one does volume for Spotify

Slider on the right does the MC2 mic

If the red button directly above the volume slider is highlighted, then it means that the volume is muted for that device.

Computer password is “jurgen” in youth room