Today felt like a blue sky day ? Mostly. To be honest, I’m in *a mood* right now after having what felt like a super discouraging conversation with a few ladies I admire. .

Here’s the thing. I’ve been on a high these last few weeks as I’m taking my company on a little adventure and exploring a new direction ? #honeymoonphase ?

I’ll still be a success and accountability coach, and I’ll still be getting to work with two of the RADDEST and BEST successful babes I know (shout out to @amyyamada ? and Emily Williams ? of @iheartmylifenow)!! I’m simply adding in a new arena of offerings (i.e. digital products) and I’m SO EXCITED about each of them!!

You may be wondering “what part of this is not blue sky as it all sounds awesome??” ? and I’ll tell you… my blue skies faded away ⛈ (and I’m still processing through to bring the sunshine back☀️) because I was confronted on some of the stories I’ve been believing about my business over the years. You see, it has been EASY for me to be behind the scenes and representing everyone else’s businesses. And I’ve consistently gotten to work with freaking phenomenal people, so it’s also been genuinely fun.

BUT. The obstacle I feel like I keep running into is HOW IN THE HECK DO I DO WHAT I DO……..FOR ME AND MY BUSINESS??? ?‍♀️ I feel like a complete twit and like it’s not easy OR fun. It all feels hard and uncomfortable and icky to stand in the spotlight and share what I do. Like, ugh! I don’t want to ((stomping fit))!! It’s HARD and it DOESN’T WORK!!

And that’s when she hit me ? “it’s up to you to start telling a new story.”

I didn’t want to hear it – and I told her so!! LOVE YOU, @rebeccaboatman ? and I’m still wrapping my brain ? around what it looks like to actually walk this out ? and what I need to shift.

Here’s what I know for sure. I WANT to love what I get to do each day. I WANT to have an impact and help people own their awesomeness. I WANT to create content that resonates with me and share my life lessons to help others learn through my mistakes and expedite their victories!

And, to be honest, I really mostly do. I do each of those things, but I feel super CLUMSY when it comes to “promoting” myself or what I’m up to. I don’t mind having the spotlight to highlight someone else. I don’t mind highlighting what the other successful babes in my life are up to. I don’t mind giving others credit for their brilliance. But GOLLY it feels really challenging to “brag” about myself ??

So, thank you for sticking with me and allowing me this space to practice ❤ I’m going to keep giving this a shot until I figure it out. I’m going to keep moving until I learn this dance of being a business owner. 8 years in and I’m still feeling off rhythm, and like I don’t totally get the choreography.

But, I’m committed. I’m not a quitter. And I value transparency too much to pretend it’s all perfect. Today was great. And I’m bouncing back from the feedback that was LOVINGLY given to me earlier. I’m grateful for women in my life who care enough to call me out on my pity party!! Here’s me getting back up to try again. And THIS is me inviting you to check out my latest projects: ?