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Tomorrow’s the big day

ONE. MORE. SLEEP ? I think I’m more excited for this birthday than I have been for any other birthday in my whole life ???.?‍♀️ Is it the perspective that I’m about to step into brand new territory? Maybe..?‍♀️ Is it the hope that this …


Goodbye, 34

34, you’ve been GREAT to me and I’m excited to carry your joy and wisdom with me as I cross into 35..While there’s nothing terribly extraordinary about transitioning from one day to the next, I must say, 35 feels BIG to me. Not exactly sure …


Cheers to 35

? It’s my BIRTHDAY month, friends, and you know I’m gonna enjoy every single day of it ?.But first, and as I look backwards for a moment, I’m going to invite you along on a journey that led me to 35 ?.If you would have …