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Learning to Dream Again

For years, I’ve practiced making vision boards, sharing publicly about what I’m going after in life, and letting people into what’s been working well (as well as things I’ve learned the hard way)..I’ve happily shared because it was easy to talk about dreams and what …


Stand out

? Analogy incoming ?.If this ❤POP❤ of red represented something that you excel at in your life, what would it be?.Something which stands out from the everyday. Something people take notice of ?.I was recently asked to provide a list of 3️⃣ topics I could …

Leadership Lifestyle

Thinking about mentorship

I just had a friend ask me “What sparks joy for you when you think about the women who will step into mentorship with you?” (Thanks, Valerie Cap) And my response was… I get genuinely excited at the thought of these ladies genuinely ENJOYING their life, …