I just had a friend ask me “What sparks joy for you when you think about the women who will step into mentorship with you?” (Thanks, Valerie Cap?) And my response was…

I get genuinely excited at the thought of these ladies genuinely ENJOYING their life, and specifically, I really light up with helping them cultivate REAL friendships, and find their own sense of fashion and fun while they’re visioning their most amazing future!

It’s a conglomeration of ALL the things that I’ve struggled with in the past, and all the things I was waiting waiting waiting on to be married before I stepped into them. At some point (I honestly couldn’t tell you when) it clicked for me, and I started living in the NOW, while also enjoying visioning my most amazing future, which of course includes my man!! I just really want women to not waste their life away, and I know how fulfilling it is to genuinely ENJOY life

So, LADIES, if any of that resonates, and you’d love to explore all of this with me – YOU ARE INVITED!! I will be launching my Growth and Grace Mentorship, where we will cover ALL of this, and more, together. Like we’re enjoying virtual coffee together ❤️  Curious if you’re ready to step into that and what it would look like? Email me at growthandgracelife@gmail.com and let’s connect!