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Girls Giving 2021

 Oh my GOODNESS this year was our best Girls Giving so far!  THANK YOU for praying with, contributing towards, and joining in the fun of our 3rd Annual Girls Giving  Together, and with the help of our anonymous donor, we raised $1800 for Turning Point …

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Girls Giving 2020

? About last night. 2nd annual Girls giving, benefitting Streets of Hope, was a HUGE success! A party? Fun ladies? Giving to a great cause? Yes. Yes. Yes!.? I love this tradition so much and am already looking forward to next year! While there aren’t …

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Girls Giving 2019

Partying with a purpose is my new thing. It’s the MOST FUN, and look at what gets created!! This year’s 1st Annual Girls Giving was a huge success, for multiple reasons (a few of which are below):.**We got to PARTNER WITH FULFILLING DESTINY (@periodwithdignity), a …