There was a time in my life when I refused to hang artwork or put up any real décor in my house because I didn’t want to have to undo it later when I eventually moved.

At some point, I realized the correlation between that and why I always felt unsettled in my life – I wasn’t planted in a home church, or pouring into friendships, or building anything of substance. I was living a “bare wall” isolated life.

As I look around my home today, I see beautiful flowers, art on the wall, a cute coffee mug selection that’s hanging by my color-coordinated library, and throw blankets, pillows, and life around my space. So so different from the dark, barren, lifeless spaces I used to inhabit.

I was using laziness as an excuse to not put any effort into making my house a home, and it showed up in my life and friendships. I didn’t want to invest in anything of actual value because “what if I have to move someday and leave these friends behind?”

It’s easier to not invest in friendships. Truly. It’s way easier to live selfishly and just focus on what’s ahead for me, myself, and I. But it’s also way drier. Emptier. It’s almost suffocating.

I’m not going to pretend that uprooting and moving isn’t painful and hard. It sure can be. But it’s way more worth the discomfort than never being planted in the first place.

Can I encourage you? Plant yourself. Hang artwork. Get to know new people and develop friendships. Start serving in your community. Dare I say – paint your walls!! Make your house a home (speaking both literally and metaphorically).

It’s well worth it!