✨2022 is the year where I’m learning to dream again.

✨It’s been a focus on faith, belief, and hope. And it’s been a journey.

?Sometimes I’ve felt defeated.

?Sometimes I’ve noticed traction.

?Sometimes I’ve been frustrated.

?Sometimes I’ve had hope bursting at the seams.

But I’ve kept going.

?I’ve kept showing up.

?I’ve kept praying.

?I’ve kept requesting support.

?I’ve kept trying new things.

?I’ve kept humbling myself.

?I’ve kept sharing where I’m at.

?I’ve kept implementing trusted feedback.

?I’ve kept at it, and I’m not stopping now.

Whatever journey you’re on, keep going.

It will be worth it.

?Even when everything in you wants to quit because it’s so hard in the moment, keep going.

?Even when discouragement tries to set in, keep going.

?Even when all you can do is whisper “I need help” before you start sobbing, keep going.

?Even when you think your willpower is running out, keep going.

What if, in every situation we walked into, we refused to leave the same way we entered?

?If you walked in sad, you’d choose to leave with joy.

?If you walked in wearing defeat, you’d walk out cloaked in victory.

?If you walked in exhausted, you’d walk out with energy.

?If you walked in foggy-headed, you’d walk out with clarity.

The choice is yours, and I’ll encourage you to KEEP GOING!! Believing with you for your breakthrough!

Growth and grace, friends. It’s more than just a name. It’s a way of life!