You can be single AND in a committed relationship at the same time ? Let me explain.

In a committed relationship, you’re willing to fight for it. Give up competing relationships for it. Lose sleep over it. Talk about it constantly. Everyone knows you’re in a relationship.

But it may not be with who you’re dreaming of….

?It’s with anger…towards your ex.

?It’s with bitterness…towards your boss.

☹️It’s with resentment…towards your parents.

?It’s with hatred…towards your life.

?It’s with hopelessness…towards your future.

?It’s with disappointment…towards your past.

?It’s with frustration…towards yourself.

Any of these sound familiar? ?

If you’re single (AND in a committed relationship at the same time with any of the aforementioned), that committed relationship may be the reason you’re single ? Try that one on for size.

Maybe not. Being single doesn’t indicate something’s wrong ? But being single IS a great opportunity to really focus on growth and grace (which, in my personal opinion, is always a great choice when it comes to navigating through life).

It’s amazing to me how many people are COMMITTED to staying stuck in their past ? Rehearsing the same stories. Reliving the same scenarios. Having the same conversations. Absolutely unwavering in their support of continuing in dysfunction, because they’re unsure of what it would be like to give it up.

? And even though it’s so unhealthy and toxic, it’s familiar… which is so often more comfortable than change.

If you’re in a committed relationship, but wondering why you’re single, I’ll invite you to break up with toxic and focus on growth and grace.

Your HEALTHY committed relationship awaits ?