So, you find yourself in a conversation you’d rather not be in. What do you do?

Or maybe you’ve wound up in a situation that’s so out of alignment for you, and you’re going “how did I get here?!”

It may even be that you’re surrounded by people who walk all over you, and you’re so sick of being their doormat.

How can you STOP these things from happening in the future?!

Well…..I’ll be the one to break it to you……you can’t prevent others’ behavior or decisions from happening, but you CAN decide ahead of time how YOU are going to handle them when they encroach on your life

You can set BOUNDARIES!!

“But how?!” you might be thinking.

“I couldn’t possibly.”

“I’m not strong enough.’

“They’ve never worked in the past.”

Let me share a different perspective.

The great news is, you’ve already survived every awful scenario you’ve found yourself in, AND you’re aware that you don’t want to relive them.

Cool, we can totally work with that!

We can use that drive as motivation to set clear boundaries, and actually stick to them when you find yourself in situations in the future.

? No more accepting doormat status.

? No more settling for crap treatment.

? No more moving your boundary line so others aren’t being called out for crossing it.

? No more pretending things are fine when you’re being taken advantage of.

? No more finding yourself in sticky situations that you can’t get out of.

It’s time to learn how to SET BOUNDARIES …. AND STICK TO THEM.

We all need help with this, and it impacts literally every area of life.

So, catch the replay of my Boundaries workshop:

We talked about boundaries, how to say “no” well, and what it looks like to hold to the boundaries you set (even if others try to bowl over them).

It may be a BIG topic, but we kept it fun, purposeful, and expedient. Packed with helpful information, real life examples, and practical tips you can begin implementing immediately!

You will NOT regret watching this! Grab the replay today!!

? by this babe: Stephanie Driscoll McHenry

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