They say “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

I suppose the same could be said for a memory.

Which words do you think of when you think of your past?

I’ve been reminiscing lately of what God’s brought me through in life, and am in awe of how He’s been able to shift those words over my past.

Beauty for ashes.

✨ Memories that were once laced with betrayal are now remembered with forgiveness.
✨ Memories that used to taunt me with sadness are now looked back on with a smile.
✨ Memories that stung with pain each time they came to mind are now reminders of the strength God has built in me.
✨ Memories that haunted me with hopelessness are now fueling a hope-filled future.
✨ Memories that gutted me with loss are now sweet tellings of the love I’ve had the privilege of experiencing.

As I look back, there are definitely some bigger memories that stand out to me, that really used to weigh heavily on my spirit (the death of a loved one, the loss of a romance, the betrayal of a friend, the cross-state move of desperation, the shutting down of my business – to name a few).

God has done no small work in giving me a fresh perspective, and healing me through each of those experiences.

✨ Lessons learned.
✨ Forgiveness exchanged.
✨ Loss restored.
✨ Life experience gained.
✨ Pain redeemed.
✨ Love blossomed.

A memory is worth a thousand words, and my hope for you is that your memories bring out the best in you!

If you find that there are still memories with a *sting* attached, it’s simply showing an opportunity for healing. My advice? Take the opportunity ?

? by this babe: Stephanie Driscoll McHenry
? ? by this babe: Danece Van Soelen