I had a random thought today, about my skin. So, now you get to join me for it! 

You know how it’s the largest organ we have, yes? Or if you didn’t, now you do. And I got to thinking, would I treat my internal organs the same way I treat my skin? ‘Cause, they’re all organs…

I mean, the way we

?ferociously towel dry off after getting out of the pool, or
?slather on whatever random lotion we find (because we’re not really hydrating and our skin is dried out ?), or
?just sit there, getting baked by the sun, without any protection.

It’s crazy to think we’d do that to our kidney or our liver or our pancreas! We wouldn’t. My gosh. If I was handling an internal organ, I would be sooooo ginger with it! Like, crazy ginger. Like washing my hands surgeon-style before touching it, making sure it was protected when exposed, and only having it come in contact with something that would benefit it-kind of ginger!

This picture is a great example of how NOT ginger I’ve been with my skin at times. If y’all know one thing about me it’s that pretty much every year I’ve sustained a significant (and always awkward ?) sunburn that takes about a year to fade away. The line across my back in this photo is no exception. Yikes. I can’t imagine my thyroid handling a burn like this all that well, so why do I expect my skin to?

Now, this isn’t some crazy ?‍♀️ “throw out everything in your home and replace it with organic everything right this second” kind of soapbox moment, but it IS worth pondering. We live in a society that’s obsessed with looks and external beauty, and what society fails to mention is that so much of that is actually due to what we’re taking IN (this goes as much for emotional/mental/spiritual as it does for physical, FYI).

If you want your skin to look better, then BE GINGER WITH IT!

?Hydrate (with water, not coffee, folks – in fact, hydrate even more if you drink coffee)
?Treat it to regular facials (I’ve got you covered, holler at Honest Skin and do the dermaplane #yourewelcome)
?Dab your skin dry instead of tearing it up with a towel (there IS such a thing as over-exfoliating)
?Pay attention to what you put ON it, because that’s what goes IN you (where do you think the chemicals go when your skin absorbs them)?
?Don’t just sit and bake in the sunshine (you’re not a turkey ? so stop acting like one)!
?Remove your makeup before bed, every. single. Night. (let it breathe and rejuvenate)
?Moisturize (not the same as hydrating. There’s a difference between dry skin and dehydrated skin)

There you have it, folks! That’s our random thoughts segment for today. Thanks for joining us and see you next time!