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What’s a girl to do when she’s torn? Between multiple things, in multiple directions? Being called here, yet drawn over there. Being beckoned one way, but swept another. She’s torn. She wants to write. She wants to play. She wants to leave. She wants to …

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The Gratitude Challenge

The Gratitude challenge. It goes as follows: answer every question this week by starting your response with “I’m grateful…” and finishing the sentence from there! ❓ Question: How are you today?? Answer: I’m grateful that I woke up to sunny skies and got to have …

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“I choose you, Satan”

? “I choose you, Satan.”? “I choose inexplicable health issues.”? “I choose tension.”? “I choose random bouts of anxiety.”? “I choose nightmares.” This is effectively what you’re saying each time you✅ remember someone with resentment✅ recall an instance with bitterness✅ vow to never forgive someone …