✖ You thought it would look one way and it doesn’t.

✖ Something was supposed to happen and it didn’t.

✖ Life was going one direction and then it did a 180°.

It’s almost not even recognizable, that dream you once had.

So much has changed. Gone off course. Pivoted. Some of it ever so slightly. Some of it drastically.

With the changes comes new territory. New ideas to explore. New things to consider. New dreams, even.

But there also comes a grief. Grief of what you thought would happen that didn’t. Grief of the expectations that were totally missed.

Grief and dreams can actually coincide. They’re not mutually exclusive. If you’ve ever navigated a time in your life where you’ve experienced this, it’s quite the dichotomy. Interesting, to say the least.

How does one grieve when one’s trying to focus on the good that’s coming in?

Great question, friend! To be honest, it’s a process I’m walking through right now and I don’t totally have the answer. But one thing that’s been really helpful is acknowledging it!

So, if you’re going through something similar right now, I hope it’s helping you to know that you’re not alone, and it’s normal to have mixed emotions.

God’s got you.

Don’t ignore the grief, but focus on the dreams ?