It’s a Canadian Tuxedo kind of American Thanksgiving!

A bringing together of two nations, and also, I’ve found, a bringing together of quite the dichotomy – gratitude and despair.

This time of year can bring up so many emotions, and it can feel like an internal clash, and/or a clash with those around us.

There is much to be grateful for, but what if you’re not seeing or feeling it?

There are so many people around, but what if you’re feeling lonely?

There can be so many reminders of what we don’t have, when people are all raving about what they’re grateful for.

And people seem to rave more today than any other day about what they’re thankful, grateful, and blessed for.

It’s a beautiful thing to be grateful, thankful, and blessed, but I’m a firm believer that life is so much sweeter when we live by that daily.

I did a post on Valentine’s Day this year, to make the point that it’s not just that one day when single people realize they’re single, or when unhappily married folks feel sad about their marriage, or when people deeply in love shower affection on their spouse.

Those things are prevalent all year ‘round, but certain days do seem to emphasize everyone’s awareness of them.

I would say, Thanksgiving is to gratitude what Valentine’s day is to love.

It emphasizes what we do or don’t have, and it can be so unbelievably beautiful, or incredibly painful.

So if, during this Thanksgiving season, you find yourself more aware of the things, people, relationships, etc. that you wish you had, but don’t (yet), then take heart in knowing you’re not alone.

AND, find something, anything, to be grateful for.

What I’ve found is that gratitude shifts things. I can look back and see that while nothing has actually changed, my perspective has changed.

Are there still things I’m hoping for that aren’t here yet? Absolutely!

Are there things that are harder for me to find gratitude in? Yes.

Is this an ongoing practice, to live in gratitude daily? Also yes.

Is it worth it? All of the trying moments of forcing myself to CHOOSE gratitude when everything in me wants to sit in a pity party puddle? YES!

And while forcing gratitude may not sound like the most holiday season-esque thing for me to say, I’m confident that it will produce a wonderful shift in how you experience this holiday season, and all the days to come.

Wishing you a truly wonderful Thanksgiving day, and believing that this Thursday will be one where hope was restored!!

Happy Thanksgiving.
Happy Thursday.
Happy November.
Happy gratitude hunting.
Happy fresh start.

Happy hug from me to you!