Sometimes things just don’t fit the way they used to, and I’m finding that to be the case for Girls Giving this year ????

All of the sudden, Thanksgiving is here next week ???? and Girls Giving is always the day after, which means it, too, is right around the corner ????

It just….it fits different this year.

Normally I host a big potluck fundraiser, and we all gather together to party with a purpose. This year, we’re going to purpose without a party ????

We ARE still doing a Girls Giving Fundraiser, we’re simply not doing the party portion.

We’re raising money for The Mission Bay Puppy Rescue (MBPR) ???? and if you know me at all, you know how pumped I am that this nonprofit helps PUPPIES!!! But what’s also beautiful about it, is that it helps people, too!

In chatting with Steve (founder) awhile back, he was letting me know how people’s lives have quite literally been saved by this organization ????

Not only have thousands of dogs been successfully placed in loving homes, but he also shared with me about a man who was on his way to commit suicide when he walked by their yard, where the puppies were out playing. He stopped and watched them for an hour, and Steve got to go out and minister to him, talk with him, and (unknowingly at the time) disrupt the plans he had to take his life. The man shared his story later ????

If you’ve ever gone on a walk along the bay with me, you have more than likely walked by this rescue with me to take a peek at the sweet pups ????

So, whether you….

✔️ are considering adopting a dog
✔️ have been impacted by suicide
✔️ are wanting to be extra generous this season
✔️ have experienced the joy of snuggling an adopted puppy

Or any other reason…


You can give directly to them at https://missionbaypuppyrescue.org/pages/donations

Financial donations are welcome, and so are the following items (drop-off can be arranged directly with MBPR):

???? Chewy gift cards
???? Petsmart gift cards
???? REAL tennis balls (not the pet store/dog toy kind, but ones from an actual court)
???? Bleach (he gets it in bulk from Costco)
???? Full newspapers, quartered up (so they’re about record-size)
???? Old towels

You’re welcome to send any venmo donations to me at @susan-brennan-9 and I’ll send 100% to Mission Bay Puppy Rescue

And, you can help spread the word about this fantastic organization, and help get these incredibly precious pups into the most loving homes!

P.S. If you do give, and you’re up for it, feel free to send me a screenshot of what you sent to MBPR! It’s always cool to know what Girls Giving got to be part of ????