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Leadership Susan's Favorites

The Gratitude Challenge

The Gratitude challenge. It goes as follows: answer every question this week by starting your response with “I’m grateful…” and finishing the sentence from there! ❓ Question: How are you today?? Answer: I’m grateful that I woke up to sunny skies and got to have …


Gratitude is movement towards your dreams

Agree or disagree? Gratitude is movement. It’s been an interesting topic that’s been on my mind lately, and what struck my mind today during the event I’m at is that gratitude IS movement. Sometimes we can feel so STUCK, and we can’t seem to figure …


Say it with me now

Y’all. We have to talk. This whole “deflecting compliments” thing is NOT a good look ? If someone offers you a compliment, receive it, whether you believe it or not. They took time and effort to express it to you, when it would have been …

Spiritual Susan's Favorites

Church Injuries

If you’ve ever been wounded by “the church” then please read this post! I don’t know what happened to you (although I’ve heard countless stories from people of the wounds they’ve sustained, and there are some truly tragic ones!), but I‘d like you to consider …


Yo Vote!

YO VOTE (yeah, you)! As a PROUD AMERICAN (and San Diegoian) I am going to use my freedom of speech (thank you, founding fathers, for drafting up a constitution that stands for FREEDOM), to encourage ALL of you to get out and vote! There are …


Something hits different about Texas

Somethin’ hits different about that Texas sunshine and warm Spring breeze a place where freckles are free to roam, and this WA-born girl can swoon over the GREEN TREES and REAL GRASS a whirlwind trip, but I’m back in San Diego and feeling refreshed!


Tiers of Gratitude

You’ve heard me talk about gratitude before, so this isn’t a new concept. But as I’ve been practicing it more and more, I’ve noticed some patterns that I’ve been walking out with it, and want to share with you my Tiers of Gratitude. Tier 1 …


Forcing Gratitude

I’ve definitely felt the (self-imposed) pressure to come up with unique things every single day for my gratitude list. And let me tell you what – that has absolutely robbed me of the joy and purpose of this gratitude practice. It’s not to come up …


I’d rather have it than not

I remember being at a time in my life where I told one of my mentors “if one more person asks me to put together a gratitude list I’m gonna lose my mind. I don’t freaking have anything to be grateful for.” I’m sure she …