If these eyes could talk, they would tell you…

? We’ve known tears
? We’ve seen visions
?  We’ve got great eyesight
? We’ve watched death take place before them
? We’ve watched life come to be
? We’ve sparkled with joy
? We’ve appeared lifeless and void
? We’ve invited conversations
? We’ve shot smiles across a room
? We’ve given me away
? We’ve squinted in the bright sunshine of the day
? We’ve squinted in the darkest moments of night
? We’ve experienced excruciating pain
? We’ve expressed a myriad of emotions
? We’ve felt the stinging pain of dryness
? We’ve had uninvited visitors intrude (eyelashes, I’m talkin’ to you)
? We’ve said things I couldn’t articulate with words
? We’ve been caught staring
? We’ve glared firebolts of anger
? We’ve looked into people’s souls
? We’ve avoided eye contact
? We’ve rolled…big time

All of this, and we’re grateful. We’re thankful. We’re looking forward to what’s ahead!