I’m blown away. Still compiling my thoughts and joy and experiences from my birthday this year, which I’ve only been able to describe as “easily and by far my BEST Birthday yet!”
? Spoiled doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel. Special, abundantly BLESSED, and lavished with love also don’t even hold a candle to my actual experience.
3️⃣5️⃣ has already treated me so well – and was kicked off with such extravagance – I’m expectant for an absolutely extraordinary year ahead!
? I’ve been treated to sushi, brunch x3, and a magnificent dinner + dessert at @thewineryrestaurant. Flowers, flowers, and more flowers, plus cupcakes, candles, a coach purse, books, journals, and gift cards (hey, @nordstrom ? I’m comin’ for ya’! I suspect some new shoes are on my horizon ??). I received sweet notes, birthday wishes galore, phone calls, texts, and was showered with Happy Birthday songs. And an in home massage (with Cashmere, naturally) ?‍♀️ plus my free Starbucks ☕
? But BEST of all, I got to spend time with my dearest ladies ? The entire month of February was filled with celebrations galore, and I’m going to highlight the evening of my actual birthday as I brag on them for a moment. It doesn’t remotely do them justice ?‍♀️ but it’s a sneak peak into the experience they gifted me with:
? They planned the entire evening, down to the sweetest detail of knowing me so well, and even made sure I didn’t ruin anything by showing up early ? they legit told me I wasn’t allowed to be early ?
? These women pampered me with every delight. They joined me in celebrating, and on my birthday these precious, dear ANGELS ? (who parade as the most exceptional, delightful, fun, loving girlfriends on earth) each prophesied over me and my life ? Specific visions God had given them for me, shared with the encouragement and joy that only a true friend who’s totally cheering you on can have.
? They picked a fab restaurant that aced the atmosphere I was going for (upscale, elegant, classy, luxury, quiet) ?
? Indoor dining opened up right before our reservation and we got the best seats in the whole place ?
? They’d coordinated with our server ahead of time, which resulted in a delicious drink (custom made something sparkly) ? and dessert (freshly made strawberry cheesecake) ? 
? Our waiter prayed the most epic prayer over us and we were all so completely and pleasantly surprised ? and after all of this, turns out that wasn’t even supposed to be his table that night. God’s favor for sure!
? My dear, wonderful @leannematthesius swung by and she gifted me with such a precious word (hence us all looking at Tammy’s phone ? listening to the video she’d sent earlier that day as a surprise)
? Hours of quality time with my nearest and dearest was exactly the perfect way to top off an already incredible birthday!
? oh, and, the moon was absurdly gorgeous and full and gigantic!! ? I got to see it the whole drive to dinner while watching the sunset in my rear view mirror. Best of both worlds!
? I truly believe there’s nothing else that could have made this birthday any better. It was pure joy, and I’m entirely grateful. 
? This is going to be my BEST YEAR YET! 
? I’ve never been enveloped with so much anticipation and emotion over what my future holds. I’m buzzing with expectant faith and know that God is moving massively in my life ? Mark my words, life will be dramatically different next year >> I’ll be keeping and expanding the very best and welcoming in new adventures along the way! 
Shout outs to MA’GIRLS who made this whole extended Birthday experience so special. You know who you are ? 
@sdtammyn , @jmaylove , @hollietkac , @danecerenae , @alyciadarby , and @jazminikole ?❤️ this post is about YOU ?? I love you more than words!