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I had a vision this morning ✨ while our powerhouse campus Pastor @beckylynnheinrichs was sharing about how so many people walk away from a promise when they run into an obstacle. It was a picture of hurdles on a track (swipe to see). In this …


Stand out

💥 Analogy incoming 👇.If this ❤POP❤ of red represented something that you excel at in your life, what would it be?.Something which stands out from the everyday. Something people take notice of 😎.I was recently asked to provide a list of 3️⃣ topics I could …


6,776 pounds

6776 pounds..✔That’s more than twice the weight of the average vehicle.✔It’s more than an entire African forest elephant.✔It’s almost 7 times the weight of a grand piano..💥It’s also the amount that I single-handedly (well, with my two hands) moved at the gym in one session. .😎 …