I had a vision this morning ✨ while our powerhouse campus Pastor @beckylynnheinrichs was sharing about how so many people walk away from a promise when they run into an obstacle.

It was a picture of hurdles on a track (swipe to see).

In this vision, I was watching myself walking away from the hurdle totally defeated. And then, in a flash, I saw a fresh vision, where I was seeing myself in the exact same scenario, but instead of walking away from the hurdle totally defeated, I was walking away from it with determination to get a better running start so I could clear it with my next jump (like this first picture).

?‍♀️ The look of “I’m comin’ for ya’ and I’m pumped about it because I can already see the victory!”

We will, ALL of us, face obstacles, roadblocks, and hurdles in life. No exceptions. BUT, the victories will come to those who continue ? running ? towards the promises instead of walking away defeated when a hurdle is in front of us.

So, keep going. It may take a second, third, fourth, etc… attempt to finally clear that hurdle and get to the other side, but it WILL be worth it!

Whatever you’re facing, if you need to turn around to get a running start, DO IT! And then charge ahead with everything in you and take the leap!

And, if you find yourself frustrated because ? “ugh – I’ve already seen this part of the track before!” then give yourself some grace. It takes courage to recover ground, build ?strength, and try again. And it means that you may run into some similar things that you previously defeated, but be encouraged! That also means you’ll get through it swifter and with less resistance this time because “I’ve done it before and I can do it again!”

??? GO FOR IT!! ???

First pic ? @stephanieandjordan.ef – FYI only go to her if you want an epic experience, phenomenal photos, and ? laughter (like the entire time)!!