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Lifestyle Relationships

Definition of a great friend

Knowing their favorite color doesn’t make you a great friend. Knowing their childhood hometown doesn’t make you a great friend. Knowing the name of their favorite band doesn’t make you a great friend. That makes you an information knower. What makes you a great friend …


Stand out

? Analogy incoming ?.If this ❤POP❤ of red represented something that you excel at in your life, what would it be?.Something which stands out from the everyday. Something people take notice of ?.I was recently asked to provide a list of 3️⃣ topics I could …

Lifestyle Relationships

Gal pals

Take me back here ?.This night was full of celebration, laughter, friends, delicious food, photoshoots, ambiance, dressing up, and good ol’ fun ?.Nights like these are so necessary, completely delightful, and potently impactful towards a beautiful life ?.Life isn’t meant to be just work, eat, …