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Outfit of the day

Some days, you’re just feelin’ an outfit. Today is one of those days 👌.Today I’ve been told (all by other women 💋) that I look:•like a snack•like a wife•like a Free People ad•very “San Diego Chic”•cute•sexy•hot.But you know what, it’s because I FEEL IT!! People …


Zoning out

I don’t even remember this picture being taken 🤔 (Stick with me on this one.).Sometimes I get so lost in my own little world that I genuinely and completely click out of reality for a bit. I remember looking down the tunneled walk way, and …


Vision Prep

As I prep for another shoot today, I’m looking through past photos to get ideas for poses, faces, etc… and I’m reminded how much FUN these are!!.Grateful to be able to do something I enjoy with some of the best in the biz 📸💄!! And …