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Stand out

💥 Analogy incoming 👇.If this ❤POP❤ of red represented something that you excel at in your life, what would it be?.Something which stands out from the everyday. Something people take notice of 😎.I was recently asked to provide a list of 3️⃣ topics I could …


Legacy Creator

In order to create a legacy, one must take a step 👣.Sometimes, you’ll….▪arrive at a crossroads▪run into obstacles▪hit a dead end▪need to go off the beaten path▪have to cross a bridge.🌟It’s not always a clear path, and you can’t always see beyond the next step. …



Thinking back to how *sick* I was during this photoshoot. Sometimes you really can fake yourself into feeling better, even if it’s just for a few minutes at a time. When you look back at the biggest/ most exciting/ most impactful MOMENTS in your life, …