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How I keep my sanity

If you’re like me, these kinds of article titles have captured my attention, and they’ve either been met with interest or an eye roll.?“Top 10 ways to break through procrastination”?“5 best-kept secrets from today’s millionaires”?“The #1 thing you’re doing wrong in your health”?“Your biggest downfall …


This wasn’t just another Friday

•••••••••••••••••••For some, this is just another day – the middle of the month – nothing special.•But for me, this is a day that marks the end of an era.•For this past decade I’ve had the absolute privilege of working alongside Amy Yamada•We’ve partnered in many ways …


Stand out

? Analogy incoming ?.If this ❤POP❤ of red represented something that you excel at in your life, what would it be?.Something which stands out from the everyday. Something people take notice of ?.I was recently asked to provide a list of 3️⃣ topics I could …