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Outfit of the day

Some days, you’re just feelin’ an outfit. Today is one of those days ?.Today I’ve been told (all by other women ?) that I look:•like a snack•like a wife•like a Free People ad•very “San Diego Chic”•cute•sexy•hot.But you know what, it’s because I FEEL IT!! People …


Season of Refreshing

?Takin’ a quick breather. Feels like a bit of recovery mode happenin’ over here today as catch my breath..?It’s been a FUN season, and a FULL season…and while I’m certainly excited for things ahead, I’m being mindful to not slip into overload (which has been …


Elvis has left the building

Where did this girl go? This carefree, goofy, fun-loving, glammed up gal. Today, I felt like she went missing. ?Elvis has left the building! Today felt long and everything felt intensified. The highs were wonderful, and the irritations were REAL (face palm). Let me emphasize, …