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Outfit of the day

Some days, you’re just feelin’ an outfit. Today is one of those days 👌.Today I’ve been told (all by other women 💋) that I look:•like a snack•like a wife•like a Free People ad•very “San Diego Chic”•cute•sexy•hot.But you know what, it’s because I FEEL IT!! People …


Season of Refreshing

🌬Takin’ a quick breather. Feels like a bit of recovery mode happenin’ over here today as catch my breath..💯It’s been a FUN season, and a FULL season…and while I’m certainly excited for things ahead, I’m being mindful to not slip into overload (which has been …


Elvis has left the building

Where did this girl go? This carefree, goofy, fun-loving, glammed up gal. Today, I felt like she went missing. 🕺Elvis has left the building! Today felt long and everything felt intensified. The highs were wonderful, and the irritations were REAL (face palm). Let me emphasize, …