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Happy 7-year anniversary, Gorgeous!

April 1, 2024 ❤️Merry Christmas❓ (go with me…)????April Fools❗ (not my speed ????)????Happy Anniversary????(now we’re talkin’!) In February 2017, I decided to move to San Diego, and it was exactly 7 years ago, today, that I drove into town ✨ And these last 7 years …


Want more to be grateful for?

Living in perpetual summer is quite possibly one of my favorites ☀.Sunshine, sleeveless shirts, coral pants, and perfect temperatures are just a few of the benefits of America’s Finest City ?.Not to mention the best church in the world, the huge population of dogs, and …

Leadership Lifestyle

Mixed emotions

⬆️↗️➡️↘️⬇️↙️⬅️↖️⬆️It’s been an interesting last few weeks (#mixedemotions).?HIGHS..?lows..A consistent stream of genuine encouragement, celebration, and love as I went from saying ?hello to a brand new year to saying ?goodbye to my sweet cat, Cashmere – within 10 days of each other..A LOT of ?fresh …


Carpe Diem

? There are so many hidden gems in downtown San Diego. Had a blast exploring the other night with @hollietkac and doing mini photoshoots throughout ?.This one is tucked right inside Seaport Village ? and the lighting was perfect..Here’s the thing – I was cold and hungry …


Blessings galore

Akin to the vastness of the ocean, if you were to see all the blessings in front of you, you wouldn’t be able to see to the end..When you seek, you will find..May we all be pleasantly overwhelmed by the blessings surrounding us and impacting …


Commitments, not feelings

I was SO sick the day of this photoshoot ?.?% didn’t *feel* like going. But, super thankful I went anyway! Miriam and I ended up having such a fun day, and have since done multiple ? shoots together! And let me tell you what – …


Making Big Moves

Come on an adventure with me, will you?! ? It was 3 years ago on this exact day (March 29, 2017) that I pulled out of the driveway and started my drive down here, to move to San Diego, CA from Walla Walla, WA. My …


Reality vs. Reality

Before, during, and after a #fancy #blacktie event last night. Let’s be honest – I can get dolled up …. and, I’m also likely feeling the picture on the right internally……….**Hair and makeup by the stunning @shereetrask **Dress from @renttherunway…..Fundraiser for the #sexsells documentary.