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Want more to be grateful for?

Living in perpetual summer is quite possibly one of my favorites ☀.Sunshine, sleeveless shirts, coral pants, and perfect temperatures are just a few of the benefits of America’s Finest City 🏅.Not to mention the best church in the world, the huge population of dogs, and …

Leadership Lifestyle

Mixed emotions

⬆️↗️➡️↘️⬇️↙️⬅️↖️⬆️It’s been an interesting last few weeks (#mixedemotions).🙌HIGHS..👎lows..A consistent stream of genuine encouragement, celebration, and love as I went from saying 😃hello to a brand new year to saying 😭goodbye to my sweet cat, Cashmere – within 10 days of each other..A LOT of 🤯fresh …


Carpe Diem

💎 There are so many hidden gems in downtown San Diego. Had a blast exploring the other night with @hollietkac and doing mini photoshoots throughout 📸.This one is tucked right inside Seaport Village 🤫 and the lighting was perfect..Here’s the thing – I was cold and hungry …


Reality vs. Reality

Before, during, and after a #fancy #blacktie event last night. Let’s be honest – I can get dolled up …. and, I’m also likely feeling the picture on the right internally……….**Hair and makeup by the stunning @shereetrask **Dress from @renttherunway…..Fundraiser for the #sexsells documentary.