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Past failures are NOT good future filters

Past failures are NOT good future filters. And before you get your panties in a bunch because “there’s no such thing as “failure” just “learning through experience” ?” Chill. Failure IS actually a real thing (/ˈfālyər/ noun: lack of success, the omission of expected or …



I had a vision this morning ✨ while our powerhouse campus Pastor @beckylynnheinrichs was sharing about how so many people walk away from a promise when they run into an obstacle. It was a picture of hurdles on a track (swipe to see). In this …


Learning to Dream Again

For years, I’ve practiced making vision boards, sharing publicly about what I’m going after in life, and letting people into what’s been working well (as well as things I’ve learned the hard way)..I’ve happily shared because it was easy to talk about dreams and what …