If your doctor, coach, counselor, leader, etc. is not helping you get to the ROOT CAUSE of the symptoms you’re experiencing, then what you have yourself is simply a Band-Aid Dealer (BAD) ?

Yup. Hard facts. If their default answer is “Here’s a pill for that.” or “Let’s focus on your strengths and not your weaknesses.” or something that doesn’t address what is causing your frustration, lack of results, medical symptoms, etc., then you’re working with a “BAD.” And, well, the name spells itself. No bueno ❌

It’s not the symptoms causing your issues or preventing you from moving forward. It’s the ROOT!

If you’re not addressing the ROOT CAUSE, then you’re wasting time, and not really actually helping anything.

If someone is constantly in search of Band-Aids, and someone else (we’ll call them “coach”) only just keeps handing them Band-Aids, but never inquires about the cause of the injury, or why that person keeps needing Band-Aids, or what they’re engaged in that’s harming them, then that “coach” is not really helping. That “Coach” should be benched ?

You may genuinely need a Band-Aid for a moment, to help ease the bleeding. They do serve a purpose. But they’re not the end-all, be-all, fix-all.

We’re not meant to live life covered in ?Band-Aids? Rip those bad boys off and move on!

And if you’re only getting Band-Aids from people who are supposed to be helping you, then it’s time to mix things up. It’s time to start asking new questions.

Avoiding the root won’t make it go away. It needs to be addressed, head on! And it needs to be uprooted completely if you want it to stop causing the symptoms that you’re frustrated by.

You may need to advocate for yourself here, as a lot of people (unfortunately) were trained to only address the symptoms (these are the people who become glorified BADs).

But now that you are aware, start looking for what’s causing those symptoms, and start addressing that thing. You’ll begin to find that your need for Band-Aids will be fewer and further between ?

Cheers to a BAD-free life ?