The untamed smile on her face caught his attention from across the way.

He couldn’t help but notice her unshakable joy, her welcoming presence, and the way she walked with purpose as she approached – her hands outstretched, by way of an invitation to embrace.

She exuded the confidence of someone who’s done this a million times, yet the grace of someone who makes each one feel like they’re the first.

“Could this be real?! Is she coming over to me?” he wondered, trying to maintain composure. “She is. Oh my gosh. What do I do?! Act cool. DUDE!! Just. act. cooooool.”

His friends were a bit embarrassed by his response, as he was blatantly making a fool of himself by this point, exuding a hopeful plea of “I think she really likes me!” 

A goofy grin lingered on his face, as his eyes followed her every step with anticipation of her impending arrival.

Unable to remain calm, he broke free from the grip of those who were actively holding him back, so he wouldn’t cause a scene. But it was too late.

Her smile grew, even beyond where it was when their eyes first met, and she laughed at his enthusiasm, bracing herself for his eager greeting.

His tail was wagging uncontrollably, and he couldn’t contain the excitement any longer!!

^^The story of me greeting any and every dog ?