❤ Today, we remember ❤

??our country’s bravest heroes
??their greatest sacrifice
??the freedoms we have because of them
??their surviving family members, who are grieving deeply at their loss(es)
??that our fallen heroes gave their everything (their comfort, their future, their kids, their spouses, their LIFE) so that we can live in freedom.
??that life is precious and irreplaceable.

❓As you’re enjoying a “day off from work” will you please take time to let your heart break at the actual sacrifices that went into this “3 day weekend”?

❓Will you please reach out to the surviving family members you know and let them know how grateful you are for their sacrifice?

❓Will you please not just scroll past all of the flags and graves and ignore what they represent?

?I know it’s big. I know it can feel heavy. I know it’s not all delights and sprinkles.

❌we cannot forget
❌we cannot brush over it
❌we cannot pretend we don’t know
❌we cannot let their sacrifices be in vain

Friends, I know it’s not a popular subject, but OUR FREEDOMS ARE NOT FREE❗

The very least we can do is ?stop and say THANK YOU! Have a moment of silence and say a prayer for those who remain in their absence.

?Thank you isn’t enough, and words can’t even begin to express the gratitude for the lives laid down for this amazing country
?Thank you won’t bring them back
?Thank you won’t change the fact that their families will live the rest of their lives without them

?Kids are growing up without parents
?Brothers and sisters were lost
?Marriages were abruptly cut short
?Parents had to bury their children

?If you’ve never opened the door to soldiers in uniform, there to deliver the devastating news of a cherished life lost, you’ll never truly know.
?If you’ve never lost someone in the line of duty, willingly giving their life for something they believe in, you’ll never truly know.
?If you’ve never taken the time to learn about how and why our country was founded, and what it’s truly taken to maintain the freedom in this incredible nation, you’ll never truly know.

?‍♀️This isn’t a 3-day weekend. This isn’t an excuse to BBQ and day drink. This isn’t a day to party and escape from a 5-day workweek.

?This is a powerful day of remembrance – honoring the sacrifice of our fallen heroes, and the families and loved ones they left behind.

?This isn’t meant to be a damper, but I SURE AS HELL HOPE IT’S SOBERING ?

☆I hope you remember them
☆I hope you remember their sacrifice
☆I hope you are truly thankful

❤ Today, we remember ❤