Do you ever feel like God paints the sky just for you? Like He’s personally responding to the prayers you’ve been praying, and the hopes you’ve been hoping for, and the dreams you’ve been desiring?

I do. Today was one of those days.

Today, I was reminded that I know The Painter.

I know The One who formed each cloud, and The One who designed rainbows.

I know The One who created me, and The One who brings promises to pass.

I know The One who hears my prayers, and The One who gives me joy.

I know The One who blessed me with life, and The One who made puppy dogs.

I know The One who catches my tears, and The One who refreshes my soul.

Today I was reminded that I know Him. Personally.

And it takes me aback.

The very One who spoke creation into existence – every mountain peak, and every baby critter. Every beautiful sunrise, and every subtle breeze. He’s The One I know.

Why do we ever look to anyone or anything else (for satisfaction, for solutions, for comfort), when we know the One?

His promises are not only yes and amen, but they are good (better than we can think, ask, or imagine), and they are perfectly timed (for maximum impact).

Do you know the One who paints the sky? I know the painter, and I’d love to introduce you to Him if you don’t know Him yet!