Have you heard the quote “stop shrinking yourself to fit into places you’ve outgrown” before?

It’s one that stands out to me, as it’s one I’ve lived over and over (and over) again and am seemingly just figuring out how to stay out of the box.

It’s like I’m repelled by boxes now. I don’t want to be squished into one that’s too small, and I don’t want to be limited by one that’s bigger (expansive, even) but that has edges and a lid.

It’s claustrophobic, and bodies aren’t meant for boxes. Maybe a coffin when I’m dead, but not one while I’m alive! No, thank you!

It can feel “safer” in a box, because you’re surrounded by “protection” but what I’ve found is that boxes do a terrible job keeping out what’s meant to stay out, and they don’t allow in what’s actually meant for you. They’re not the most intelligent, boxes. Smart as cardboard, if you ask me.

Do not keep the box around that you’re not meant to stay in.

  • God is not a “box” God.
  • He’s not a cookie cutter God.
  • He’s limitless.

And as we’re made in His image, let’s fully embrace what that means – including not being limited to a box.

In fact, let’s burn the box! Get yourself outta there and light that match!