It. has. been. a. WEEK!

Just. Honestly.

Do you ever feel as though you’re watching your life happen in front of you, like a movie?

Like, seeing all of the EVERYTHING swirling around you… and then pleasantly surprised to see yourself calm, cool, and collected?

Like an elderly lady watching a rainstorm from her porch rocking chair. Knowing that “this, too, shall pass.”

While I do believe that “all the things” that come into our world have the opportunity to grow us, sometimes I think their purpose is to show us that we’ve grown.

I’m looking at just this week, and the “things” that are coming at me, and (while they’re absolutely not things I’ve happily invited in), I am pleased to see how differently I’m handling them now vs. how I would have handled them even a year ago.

Yay for growth!

If you look at what you’re going through right now, I’ll encourage you to recognize how you’re handling it differently than you used to.

Growth is necessary. It’s uncomfortable. It’s incremental at times, and then at others you can see lightyears of progress in a short period. It’s worth it.

Have grace, and choose growth. They’re a marvelous pairing, and they make for a much smoother handling of things which may have otherwise put you into a tailspin!

Growth and grace.

This pic represents the essence. Looking back at my past, knowing it’s got nothing on my future, and the best is yet to come!

Pic by @d_a_shirley