I spent money/time/energy/thoughts on it, so why didn’t things change??

Oooooh, this was a CONSTANT frustration in my life for YEARS!!

Why did things still suck after ALL that effort?! I couldn’t figure it out ?

✅ I was spending time thinking about my problems.

✅ I was spinning my wheels trying to figure out what to change.

✅ I was putting money where my mouth was and investing in programs that promised to help with the very things I was struggling with.

✅ I was talking about all the things and was easily able to tell people what was wrong.

✅ I was hyper aware of what was not working in my life (which is the first step in making a change, right?!)

Here’s the thing…

? NONE of those things were actually addressing the issue (aka my attitude and mindset)!! They were just fueling my annoyance, frustration, and lack of results (insert me pulling my hair out) ?‍?

If you find yourself in a repeating pattern of frustration and annoyance that things are NOT changing, then let me help you get out of your own way ?‍♀️

I’ve been having some rock solid conversations lately, where we actually dive into the (unconscious) issue behind the (conscious) issue, so you can release the repeat cycle and enjoy clear thinking and increased productivity!

? Reach out to me here if you want to get yours scheduled and I’ll send you the details!

Sometimes you just need someone else who knows the questions to ask to draw out the answer you need!

? It’s me ? I’m “someone” ?