PSA: sharpen your knives.

And while I’m definitely referring to your actual knives (for, let’s say, hypothetically, cutting some freaking grape tomatoes that just refuse to have any grace for a less-than-razor-sharp-blade ???)….I’m also talking about spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental “knives” that you use on a regular basis.

I’m talking about looking at the tools you’re using in your day-to-day (the ones worn down by regular use) and making sure you’re tending to them.

Are you in the Word on a daily basis, absorbing it and letting God’s truth wash over you? Are you singing praise and worship (so much different than just listening to it) and finding ways to intentionally honor God throughout the day? Are you talking with God each day, and listening while He responds? Are you asking for support if any part of this feels lackluster?

Are you practicing things that will stretch you (i.e. having difficult, but necessary conversations)? Are you putting yourself in situations where you’ll grow? Are you seeking out new opportunities that may perhaps be uncomfortable? Are you surrounding yourself with witty people who will banter with you and let you flex that sarcasm muscle?

Are you getting enough rest? Are you hydrating properly (take this as your cue to drink a glass of water)? Are you moving your body each day (FYI this doesn’t have to be a crazy intense workout to be beneficial)?

Are you reading regularly and growing your mind? Are you exploring resources to equip you to take territory? Are you listening to podcasts, having conversations, and asking questions with the intention of learning?

Be sure to sharpen all your knives. To be your best, you need to. And, honestly, to keep yourself from exhaustion, you need to.

Think about it – if you’re “dull” (spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically, etc.) you have to exert so much extra effort for less-than-ideal results. Ugh. No good. Take some time to sharpen your knives this week. You’ll be better off for it!