FYI – If someone’s inviting you to compromise, you don’t have to accept the invitation ?

In fact, you have permission to walk away from the situation.

You don’t need that kind of influence in your life ❌

‘Cause the thing is, even if you’re totally confident to refuse their invitation, if you’ve communicated with them on more than one occasion that you have that boundary, and they continue asking you to cross it, are they really a friend or someone you can trust?

One thing I’ve learned over the years is that if someone you trust (who has your best interest at heart) disagrees with you or boundaries you’ve set, they won’t just ask you to cross them.

? If they can see that those “boundaries” are actually unhealthy walls, they will investigate them with you, and invite you to look at where they came from. Then they’ll help you shift them into healthy boundaries.

Healthy people don’t invite people to compromise.

We got into this more at my boundaries workshop, and I’d sure love for you to get the replay.

These revelations and skills around setting (and holding to) boundaries have proved invaluable to me, and I believe they will for you as well!

Imagine if you could invest just $24, two hours, and a little bit of practice, and then have these skills dialed in for immediate and future use?

You already know how much time you’ve WASTED because you didn’t have boundaries:

⮞ doing thing you didn’t want to do ?

⮞ going on dates you didn’t want to go on ?

⮞ agreeing to things you had no intention of following through on ?

⮞ hemming and hawing trying to figure out how to respond ?

⮞ getting over the shame of past regrets ?‍♀️

Goodness knows you’re not alone!!

But goodness also knows that you don’t need to be stuck in this cycle any longer ?

This is your chance to grab the replay of my BOUNDARIES workshop and get out of this once and for all. Grab the replay right here.