*My smile isn’t genuine
*It’s taking everything in me to simply show up
*I don’t feel like being friendly
*My social anxiety tries to creep back in
*I want to turn my phone off and go silent for a few days
*My heart feels an extra heaviness because I’m still single and I am so looking forward to spending life with my man
*I don’t want to get out of bed and start my day
*My schedule is way more full than I’d prefer it to be
*Cashmere gets on my nerves because he just won’t freaking get out of my way
*I hate the reflection looking back at me in the mirror
*I wish I could completely stop being responsible and just be taken care of
*I binge eat junk food and then get annoyed when my workout isn’t as strong the next day
*I set time aside to work on projects and get distracted by watching a movie instead
*I feel incredible pressure to “be” a certain way
*Choose courage
*Show up anyway, because isolation was the slow death of me in the height of my depression
*Ask for help
*Get up
*Share what’s coming up for me with a trusted person to get their guidance
*Find someone to show up for
*Tell a lame dad joke that at least makes me laugh, if no one else
*Take client calls
*Look into Cashmere’s eyes and tell him what a sweet, precious, darling, funny little Love Bug he is and boop his nose
*Shower and wash my face
*Respond to messages
*Attend events and social outings
*Choose to be me, even at the risk of disappointing others
*Life is not perfect! Ever. Not even close.
*There are days where I feel like I’m on cloud nine, and others where I feel like I just had the wind knocked out of me and I’m getting beaten each time I try to rise up.
*There are people who bring energy with them, and people who drain energy from you.
*There are things that bring joy, and things that cause stress.
*There are experiences we look forward to, and ones that catch us completely off-guard and change our world forever.
*There are talents I have where I feel so competent and on purpose, and there are things I try that have me feel like I’m the clumsiest, most unskilled person on planet earth!
*I am stronger than I give myself credit for, even on my weakest days.
*Having all the answers isn’t worth striving for. Show up, even (and perhaps especially) when it’s full of unknowns. This is the journey!
We must keep going. We must literally take it one step at a time – some days the step will be a baby one, and some days it will be a huge leap of faith. We must not compare our path to those that others are walking – there are many ways to get to the top of a mountain and enjoy the view. Even from the same mountain top there are different views being experienced by each individual. Your journey is not theirs. We can simple and only make an impact with our own lives and the way we choose to live it. Choose love and choose life!