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Choosing love after pain

LADIES, here me loud and clear on this…I’ve had men break up with me. Ghost me. Hate me. Hit me. Stalk me. Cheat on me. Lie to me. Reject me. Turn away when I needed support. Take advantage of me. Deny the love I tried …


Vulnerability at a mic

Y’all know I share some REAL stuff, but THIS IS THE MOST VULNERABLE-FEELING POST I HAVE *EVER* DONE!!! And here’s why. Sometimes leading by example SUCKS in the moment, because in order to be real, you gotta actually DO THE THING. Which means, sometimes (if …



SOMETIMES…*My smile isn’t genuine*It’s taking everything in me to simply show up*I don’t feel like being friendly*My social anxiety tries to creep back in*I want to turn my phone off and go silent for a few days*My heart feels an extra heaviness because I’m still …