• Endurance
  • Perseverance
  • Tenacity

…and sometimes even 

  • Gall
  • Chutzpah
  • Boldness


  • something you need when things don’t work in your time frame
  • a trait to be activated when life hits ya’ and you’re in a “waiting” season
  • what’s necessary during times of “this isn’t going how I thought it would”
  • a very valuable strength to build

This is something I’ve been utilizing a LOT lately, and thank goodness I’ve had a lot of endurance training in my life so I’m equipped for what I’m walking through.

I’ve lifted the “wait” weight a lot over the years, and definitely have strength there. Both a gift, and something that my “hurry up, let’s GO!” side doesn’t really want to keep building strength in.

This has been hitting home a lot for me, this week, especially, as I’ve had some big revelations around my relationship with God, and I want to be through to the other side of this awkwardness already.

As with any relationship, when you’re truly and continually letting someone into your life (all of your life), there will be times when you’re exposed. And, for me, that can be awkward. Even though I’m welcoming it. Even though I’m inviting God in. Even though I’m well aware that He already knows any- and everything I will ever share with Him. Awkward, even then.

I don’t love feeling awkward, but similar to the “wait” muscle, I’ve grown stronger in owning it and not letting it stop me.

So, be encouraged. If you’re going through a strength training season (even one you didn’t specifically request), know that it WILL serve you well later on!