Harbor: /ˈhärbər/ verb. keep (a thought or feeling, typically a negative one) in one’s mind, especially secretly. (Thank you, Oxford American College Dictionary, for that definition.)

In the case of a ship, the harbor is sheltering it from harsh weather conditions and rough seas.

When we think of harboring emotions – let’s take HATE, for example,

  • You are literally keeping HATE safe
  • You are protecting HATE
  • You are making sure that HATE won’t be destroyed

How ridiculous is that? You’re showing yourself that HATE is more important than peace. More important than healing. More important than living your life. More important than freedom.

You’re keeping yourself docked (i.e. LOCKED) in the “safety” of a harbor with one of the deadliest poisons known to man.

And if not hate, is there perhaps another emotion that’s been ruling your life? Maybe it’s bitterness. Or resentment. Or unforgiveness. Or revenge. Or stubbornness. Or anger.

Maybe it’s towards a person. Or a situation. Or an entity……… Or yourself.

When you look at what you’re harboring, ask yourself “what is the benefit of me keeping this thing safe?” (i.e. if it’s bitterness, then the “benefit” may be that it’s giving you attention and pity from others because you’re continually telling the story of that horrible experience where you got screwed over, and you like getting sympathetic responses).

Then ask yourself “is it really worth it to hold onto this so tightly?” “Is it really worth lugging around this weight everywhere I go?” “Is it really worth the impact this is having on the relationships in my life?”

If you’ll allow me to be BRUTALLY honest with you, it’s NOT worth it. It’s not. At all.

It’s scary to let it go, yes. Because there’s unknowns ahead. You will likely get hurt again, because life happens, and people sin.

But, if you can allow yourself to release that emotion that’s been ruling your life, you’ll find that life is lighter, much more enjoyable, and fun!!

Let. It. GO!