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Brought to Tears

I had a moment this morning where I was brought to tears. Now, I’m no stranger to crying and experiencing emotions, so it’s not like the tears were particularly surprising, but *what* brought me to tears caught me a bit by surprise. It really hit …


A Case for Grace

Growth and Grace 👏👏👏 God gave me this name back in 2016, and it’s been an ever-expanding foundation of how I live my life, with grace being especially front and center for me lately. Growth wasn’t a concept I was actively aware of and seeking …


Show up AF

👏👏👏 Show up AF 👏👏👏 “As a friend” guys 😉 show up AS A FRIEND. When your friends are celebrating something, or trying to get the word out about something, or asking for prayer for something, or attempting a new thing, SHOW UP for them! …